WISE-FTP is a powerful FTP client that allows you to connect to any FTP server
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The Wise-FTP application is a very powerful application, easy to use, for files transfers between FTP sites and user PC.
The program is full of practical and handy options and settings to help and make easy the connection setting and the files transfers. User interface enables the user to manage the remote files same way as they were local files. Features such as set file properties, rename, copy, delete files and directories and folders, both at the remote and the local side of the connection.

Drag and drop facility for moving files any direction (local to remote and viceversa). Batch simultaneous transfers of multiple files to or from more than one FTP server at once. Safe transfers with SSH FTP or FTP/SSL protocols, and other optional encryption and compression factors.

The application includes a configuration wizard for making easier and much simpler the configuration settings.

Possibility of using commands for the transfers and to make records of their using.

The application has a buil-in HTML editor to display (and edit) the remote HTML files over the FTP server. Also, there is an integrated scheduler for programming the desired transfers, as a task manager.

User can assign sounds to alert on several commands and events. The application also includes a 'Quick Connect' option for directly connect to a remote FTP site with just a file name.

The transfer window shows transfer details such as speed, transfer time, etc. and user can apply icons to different files. Application can synchronize local and remote directories for keeping both up to date, without transferring files one by one, but only the ones that have changed.

Multilingual support: english, french, spanish and german.

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